Sunday, May 8, 2011

road tripping Tickets Style.....

Who doesn't love a good road trip? We left Bright with all the essentials...jaffas, pillows, choc chip biccys, a pay list full of daggy power ballads and of course a deers head hung on an old door! Yeap, that's the way the tickets girls roll! 

Pictures tell a thousand words so let the slide show begin..... ( thanks for visiting us at Mag Square - we had such a great show!) More of the journey to follow tomorrow ( or the next day!)

Driving under the big French Fry....Malvern bound!

Now this is our kinda mini bar!!

the Cullen Hotels 'live by' motto
quirky bathroom wall - lucky we are close ( see through!)

ahhh...first wizz fizz on the mini bar and second, a pillow menu! Yeap, we were in the right place!

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