Monday, November 29, 2010

last stop St Kilda Town Hall...

The Tickets for CoCo train has one last stop before Christmas......... Magnolia Square at St Kilda Town Hall. Over 4 magnificent days 2nd-5th December. 

See you there....and feel free to contact us earlier if you know what you are after so we can be sure to bring it along in your size and preferred colour. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank-you Adelaide

Two very tired bunnies are home again and ready for bed! What a fabulous time we had in Adelaide.....but what a journey!

It began with a dingy hotel room the size of a dog kennel and a wardrobe fit only for Kate 2cm wide. With sore feet from the hideous long '5 min' walk to the train station and ravenous bellies we sought a decent meal. What we found was a vending machine. Thank goodness for the i-pad which helped us to pizza and chocolate moose delivery. Pizza arrived...horrible. Mousse spoon. By now we could only laugh as we scooped mousse with our fingers!

The next hotel looked a lot better but the we were back to square one after finding the bathroom had become a swimming pool over night! Despite a few 'issues' we laughed ourselves silly and had a fantastic time meeting the Norwood shoppers.

Opening hours at Norwood

Beautifully styled Mag Square

A glimpse of our display
We love that the folk of Adelaide seem to really 'get' us! They loved the style and we loved theirs! Thank-you for your support and see you again next year!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

here kitty, kitty......

Imagine a wardrobe piece that never fails....winter, spring, summer or autumn, with jeans, leggings or on it's own. A piece that always works and flatters in all the right places. Imagine that??? Enter the Kitty. One of our tried and tested wardrobe staples that you will wonder how you did without.

Available in vanilla ( our new obsession), Putty and our gorgeous summer green in size free. Pick one up at Magnolia Square this week or purchase online in time for the Chrissy party....Dannis personal favorite X

Friday, November 19, 2010

next stop......Adelaide....

People of Adelaide; listen up! Magnolia Square is heading your way with Tickets for CoCo on board. 

Our first visit to SA was earlier in the year and what a show! We were blown away with the response to the range and sold out of several lines on the first day. We have packed more this time so no fear of that happening again with loads of new yummy pieces.

We would LOVE to meet you so please come along to the charming Norwood Town Hall , say hi and try on a frock or two! In the meantime read up on our interview on the Magnolia Square blog......

B and D X

Thursday, November 18, 2010

mad for mongolian....

Magnolia Lamb Vest in grey 

Grey and Black - yummy!!
If you know us you will know we just lurve yummy textures. A stud here, some lace there and lots of feathers everywhere ....but mongolian lamb fur takes things to a whole new level.  Softer than soft;  these scrumptious vests just beg to be touched. 

We will have the first offerings at Magnolia Square in Adelaide next week and then St Kilda the week after. If you can't make it to the fair but are desperate to get your hands on one, contact us and we will get one to you pronto.